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marvin (09-13-2000 10:10 a.m.):
Finally, after searching all over for a box that's 1) big enough to hold a bunch of Buffy- or similar-sized flies, and 2) small enough to shove into the front of my waders, I've discovered it- at You-Do-It Electronics in Newton!!

Part # V501 is a brown plastic box w/ self-hinge, around 4 1/2 x 10", and 1 3/4" deep.

I gooped a couple of strips of foam in at either end, and presto.

While I thought I was getting a bargain at $3.99, there are rumors that they can be gotten even cheaper.

Just wanted to say I picked up a couple of these boxes and they are PERFECT! I use them for big flies, lures, tying material - can't be beat!

Yes, they are cheaper than that now I think. I payd about $6.00 for 2 I think.
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