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The striper population crash that happened after the halycon commercial net fishery days of the 60's and early 70's, which took 20 years for the striper population to rebound from is nothing compared to what will happen when the forage fish are gone. When the forage fish are severely depleted, the stipers will have nothing to feed on. Yes, the striper population won't make a dramatic drop in numbers in any given year; however, their numbers will decrease each and every year as the forage fish base is depleted.

Then there is the problems of sea bed pollution that have been documented with the salmon farming operations (of course the salmon farmers claim that they produce "very little pollution"). Every place where salmon farming has been established, the population of native anadromous fish has decreased, some very dramatically. Do you really want to have the combination of losing the forage fish and the pollution or parasite problems (such as the sea lice that the salmon farmers claim is "overblown by the conservationist") to start their insidious work on the east coast stripers?
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