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Juro and all New Englanders,

I only touched the surface of the problems we are about to face.

Many of you are well aware of the anti publicity over the last week of the Salmon Farm industry on national tv news networks.
That is not enough though and I hope all of you who belong to fishing clubs and conservation groups will find the time to read up on exactly what is going on in this industry. Get yours and other groups to unite against this horror show that is about to begin. Once it gets started and a foot in the door it will be impossible to stop as we have found out here in the NW and in BC. I'm sure it is the same for Maine and eastern Canada, the government commits and will not back down. Stop it before they commit to the Cod Farm Industry.

It is so sad that the way we eat food in this day and age. Over the last 20 years things have changed the way food is produced and how it is brought to us. The pollution and waste is many times greater than ever before. One out of season strawberry brought up from Chile holds 5 caleries for you to consume. To get that one strawberry to market in New England takes 497 caleries of energy. In nature that would mean certain death from starvation as one must take in as many calories as one burns to survive. We are killing the earth off with the way we consume food in this world of industrial farming. The world is using more calories than it produces, food has become the major factor in this situation.

I hope you all give this some thought not only for your love of fishing and your fine New England waters but because what is about to happen where you live is in full scale operation throughout the world and I'm not sure many of us realize how serious this is.

Please take the time to think about it and please get involved.
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