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I just read this from a news release by the CBC. It may be the same science that WillieG is referring to.

Farmed salmon not safe, says study

VANCOUVER (CBC) - Conservationists opposed to fish farming say a new study proves that some people who eat farmed salmon may be putting their health at risk.

The study, published in the U.S. journal Science found that farmed fish bought in North America and Europe contained elevated levels of contaminants.

Scientists examined two metric tons of wild and farmed salmon from wholesalers, markets and supermarkets in 16 cities including Vancouver and Toronto.

"What they found was that the PCBs, dioxins, and a couple of other contaminants were consistently and significantly more concentrated in the farm salmon than in the wild salmon," says Jennifer Lash of the Coastal Alliance of Aquaculture Reform.

Lash says according to guidelines laid out by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, eating too much of the farmed salmon could be unsafe.

With the fish tested from Vancouver stores, the scientists recommend eating no more than two farmed salmon meals per month

"This research is very comprehensive. It is very defensible, and it proves that there is a potential health risk from eating farmed salmon, and consumers need to be very very careful," says Lash.

The salmon farming industry disagrees. It maintains it ensures the safest food is available to consumers.

Salmon farmers have accused environmentalists in the past of skewing data.

But Lash says the size and scope of this study will make it very difficult for salmon farmers to discount, or ignore it.

the CBC, 2003
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