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From my minimal but pretty productive week of fishing around the shallows of Chatham, it really seems to me that there are spots in Puget Sound very much like that stretch of Cape Cod. We have a lot of flats, shallow bays and literally miles of open beachs where the resident coho salmon and cutthroat cruise. We will have to show you more of these places next time you are out this way. Our popular chum salmon fishery takes place on Puget Sound flats where we are wading less than knee-deep.

There are similarities in methods as well. When I was there, a huge hatch of sand lance occurred just outside of the Chatham boat harbor. I had brought my own flies and had a dozen or so tiny sand lance imitations on hand. The stripers had been a bit picky but when I saw the little hatchlings and tied on an imitation of the right size I connected with a nice striper right away. Later in the day Tom Rosenbauer hung into our largest striped bass of the week, a 30-plus incher that came up on top to hit a yellow Gartside Gurgler, a surface fly that makes about the same subdued commotion as Leland's Beach Popper.

Another time Capt. Biski gave us each a chartruese and white Clouser Minnow which he said was, "America's most popular fly." On my last day I left the remainder of my west coast sand lance patterns with Biski. Later I commissioned Tom Rosenbauer to write up an article on the fishery for Flyfishing & Tying Journal, the magazine I was editor of at the time.

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