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Floating sand-eel

I learned this pattern from Bob Lindquist from Long Island, he's an outstanding tyer and has always been willing to share details with me of his techniques. You can reach Bob at <a href=""><!--autoemail--></a><!--autoemail--> for more details about his work and flys he has for sale.

Bob developed this pattern for a specific type situation, days when the bass are feeding on sandeels that are suspended just below the surface. Bob noticed that the sandeels will sometimes hang with the heads at the surface and the body vertically below. The deerhair head with a floating line should keep this fly up near the surface with the marabou fluttering below.... I know I can't wait to try it this summer..

Hook: #2 or #4 short shank
Tail: Olive over lavender over pink over white marabou
Flash: Clear flashabou
Topping: Peacock Hurl
Head: Stacked olive deer body hair, white throat
Eyes: 3-D epoxy

Build the tail first by laying a base of white marabou on rear the hook shank, take two or three strands of clear flashabou and tie in so they extend no more than 1" past the marabou. Add a very small amount of the lavender and pink marabou for accent. Another small amount of olive on top, Add 4-5 pieces of hurl, tie off and cement. (This tie-off point should not be further forward than the point of the hook.)
I like to start my deer head on top of the tied-off materials by adding a small drop of super-glue to help keep the first bunch in place. From there on its stack and wrap, keeping the material packed as tight as you can as you go forward. If you get fancy you can try adding the white throat on the bottom. (BTW, a trick from Bill Catherwood for packing hair is to cut the top off the cap of a BIC pen so that the hole will fit over the eye of the hook. You can use it to pack the material backwards and to add a half-hitch occasionally to keep the head tight.)
When you get right up to the eye, tie it off by holding your bobbin and thread horizontally (pull back to you) and add a couple small drops of super glue right to the thread. Then finish winding and the glue will lock the threads without knotting.
Trim the head to a very small profile( scissors or razor blade, your choice ), make a small hollow on each side for the eyes, apply a drop of goop and secure the eyes.

Bob Pink
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