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Les -

It's great to hear you are putting this book together. I will definitely submit some patterns for your consideration and appreciate the opportunity.

I was living in the great northwest when you were at Swallows Nest and know you helped so many people including myself - it's a chance for us to say "thanks" not to mention the excitement of getting a fly considered.

I remember when I was the only guy at Neah Bay with a flyrod in the 80's, I mean the entire town. I'm sure Les and others were there but I don't think the same day. It's grown a lot yet remains the most under-rated, under-exploited and most exciting fishery I can think of anywhere.

My saltchuck tying was initially inspired by striped bass fishing then adapted to coho, then more recently the coho patterns were re-adapted to stripers again upon moving. There is a huge parrallel in terms of imitations, fly sizes and colors, etc. Although hook position is different, atlantic gamefish patterns provide a big source of experimental possiblities since it's historically been a generally older and broader practice. But of course this is about to change!

Doublespey I've seen your creativity at the vise and you should definitely submit as well! How else will I get the inside skinny on tying them too.

I hope everyone who has a good pattern in their pocket submits to this cause, we really need more literature on this topic. Saltchuck flyfishing in the pacific northwest is perhaps the least practiced yet one of the absolute most exciting and productive. I believe a book like this will be much to get more stewards of the shoreline voting for protection of access, cleanliness, and welfare of salmonids en route as well as in the rivers.

Great stuff Les!
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