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Kudo's to all your great talents

Been looking religiously through the Archive of Striper Fly thread this week. Boy! Some great photography and recipes of an eclectic assortment of flies. One can see the great amount of learning, talent, and passion that's displayed by your contributions. It has gotten me to wonder why I love tying so much during the winter months? If only I could express my feelings as a writer though. My focus might not be as clear as others, who have mastered the usage and the phrasing of the English language.

Comparing flies to fishing is like comparing works of art to different civilizations. They record not only the process of our sport, but the history as well. For that matter, where we might be heading. Fly patterns record certain era's of tradition. Decades can be linked by perhaps a certain tying technique or material. In the beginning, traditional flies tended to use organic materials. As you go through the gambit of time, synthetics have taken their place. Regardless of your persuasion, they all catch fish. There is no discrimination here.

The Egyptian pyramids have been around for thousands of years. They have stood the test of time. I doubt that they could be improved upon today. On the other hand, would we be in Space now if it weren't for the individuals who believed that creating and pushing the envelope is the way to advance.

Regardless of your philosophy, whither you tie flatwings with hackles or flies with synthetic's that never seem to biodegrade, there is a place for all of us. The common denominator might be the oceans and waters and the fish we search, but the cohesion that holds it all together is our friendship and sharing of ideas.

Great job guys. Enjoy the flies..... and enjoy the ride.
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