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For all of us over 50 years old do you remember the films in grade school about nuke power and how it will save the world? I wish it would have but we all know what happened.

Industrial fish farming is the same BS. The talk of feeding the world is a lie. A great big lie, it can not be done for one simple reason though there are many like major disease and pollution. The major reason of concern is that it takes far more protein to intensively feed farm fish than what can be taken from our oceans. Hawaii black cod farm, 300 tons produced per year to market. Just that one farm alone will need as much as 6.6 million pounds of ocean forage fish per farm harvest to intensively feed those 300 tons. That's one farm and the worlds oceans are becoming full of fish farms of industrial size and application. What happens to the ocean wide higher food chain fish and mammals when our ocean looses it's middle to lower food chain? It takes a certain amount of bio mass to keep our oceans healthy. Fish of the higher order must have certain levels of protein available to survive. When we have bad ocean conditions like we had in the NW Pacific not many years ago the reason for poor returns of Salmon was because there was little in lower food chain to feed on. If we harvest the middle food chain at the ratio the industry needs then we will have similar conditions just no food available for Whales, Cod ,Stripers, Salmon, Tuna you name it and they will be in more trouble than at anytime in the history of the earth.

Maybe Nate can fill us in more on Bio Mass of forage fish.
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