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flyswap--pollack fly

Tying Instruction (these may differ from what I circulated for the swap, since I can't find those!):

Hook: 4/0
Thread: white flymaster plus
Tail: 4-6 white saddle hackles
4-8 strands pearl flash
2-4 yellow saddle hackles
2-4 olive saddle hackles

Mid-section: 4-8 strands green crinkleflash (some crinkly crystal flash--forget actual brand)
white marabou
olive marabou

Head: spun deer hair, olive over white

Eyes: big 3-d

Notes--glue every step of the process! Leave the fluffy end of all the feathers in to create more body for the fly. It's a lot of feathers, I know, but pollack are not translucent like silversides, they are a big opaque bait that requires a big feathery target. The various types of flash, marabou and color blends are meant to give the fly a lot of movement, or illusion of movement.

I typically deaddrift this fly in deep water or whitewash off cliffs or rocky structure on a fast sinking line with a short leader--the spun deear hair makes it kind of bouyant and it rolls around like a slab fly.

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