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Been using a Super Puma for the last ten years. Can see no downside. Two+ week fly-in/fly-out wilderness trips all across Alaska 3-5 times a season. Fishing and hunting. Friend and i are leave-no-trace, obsessive flyfishers with too many rods. Suggest you find out EXACTLY how much your entire "out the door" setup weighs (including people) ... then pick a raft/cat that floats you AND GEAR the highest in the water column while still agile enough to dance down your favorite type waters. We did. And last season we switched to the PUMA. We can now be picked up and dropped off anywhere in AK in a 185 Cessna. It is perfect for us. Might not be for you.

My friend has several Aire Cats and alot more big river whitewater experience than I. He prefers the cat for lite dancing ... and the raft for tripping with gear.

My experience is in 11-14 foot rafts and my preference is for intimate rivers. I find the Puma the closest feel to fishing in a drift boat while still riding on air and out of cold water. It is the penulitimate 2 person go lite 2-3 week tripper for small/medium rivers in AK. It is just right for 2 people on a 2-3 day fish with all the toys and comfort gear. And OK for a three person day trip. If you are going to overload ... don't get it.

The Puma has the added bonus of being an outstanding white water paddle raft ... And I can also take just myself on a successful moose hunt with no worries (as opposed to my pakboat.)
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