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LOL Ronn

Actually, I have tried them and have all the materials/hooks. I can do some simple ones ok. But I long to do the full dressed with multiple wings. Always when I get to a topping or the likes they fall apart. I've seen the tricks of smashing down the feathers so they lay on the hook correctly. I've been trying, trust me. LOL. Spent a couple hours on one fly to have it fall apart at the end. It became a fishing fly at that point. lol. But yes, I keep trying. What I've been planning to do today if I ever get a chance to sit down for a second. LOL. Been going in and out trying to rewire a horse trailer. Get numb, then come back in to warm up. Now, have to run and pick up my kids (went to cousins birthday party yesterday and stayed the night). So putting me further behind. :hehe:

I also have Jorgenson's book on Atlantics. It's been helpful. Gonna sit down and really thoroughly read it. May have missed something. But between a few websites and what I have bookwise, I may get one that meets my standards. LOL
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