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My scanner added the yellow to the body dubbing, I suspect because of the yellow hackle. The scanner also makes oval tinsel look like flat tinsel and makes gold tinsel look like it is silver (I suspect because it is "seeing" the reflection of the gold as simply light). The scanner also makes it very hard to see ribbing where the hackle is bushier. There are only 5 turns of tinsel on the Kate.

I looked up Kate in Kelson's book and you are correct, it should have horns and jungle cock. I appologize for misleading anyone on that. However, Kelson wrote that jungle cock should be left off some flies for fishing because jungle cock is such a bright feather that leaving it out sometimes makes for a more effective fly, especially in hard-fished waters.

The hare's ear dubbing instead of silver monkey fur with orange added to it, is a standard substitute for the silver monkey/orange dubbing mix.


Yes, Price-Tannatt did write this; however, I have always been puzzled by it since jungle cock is not a brittle nor a fragile feather, and a single fiber of Macaw tail does not offer much protection to a jungle cock feather. Also, when a fly is fished, the single fiber of Macaw use as a horn, blends in with the wing and adds little if anything to the mobility of a fly, unless you are speaking of flies with topping or G.P. tippet wings.
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