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Cod Farming

OC and all,
Got a line on Unlimited Aquaculture Corp. They have a $5 Mill. venture to raise Black Cod in Hawaii, to the tune of 300 tons per year! They also plan a Halibut opperation there as well.
The Scottish Gov. and the Euro. Commission are trying to increase farmed Cod, in an effort to prop-up sagging natural stocks that are over fished. They want the "Farmed Fish" to increase to 4% per year, reachng a Euro. wide total of 700,000 tons in 2015! 25 to 30,000 tons comming from Scotland.
Cod will dischare up to 50% more waste than farmed Salmon.
Cod farming started in New Foundland in '85 and now boasts a large, island wide farming effort!
Open-Ocean Aquaculture opperations are on going in Cyprus, Canary Islands, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, Philippines and China.
Want more? Go to Google and type in cod ocean farming.
Everyone should be up on this, I can not emphasize enough it's importance! Many areas in the U.S. are dealing with this, get involved!
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