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Well said, Ronn,...well said, indeed!

flytyer - as a side bar...

Your comment of; "Since I have found that cheeks, tail veiling, horns, and anything other than a thread head make no difference in the fly's effectiveness, I tie and fish the Kelson version." was a little perplexing, especially coming from someone with a decidedly 'classical' or purist's philosophy on flytying.

Didn't Pryce-Tannatt write that, "They (horns) constitute an element of mobility in a fly, and mechanically are useful in protecting brittle, delicate feathers, such as Jungle Cock, when these latter are used as cheeks or sides."?

I would think that mobility and protection would be instrumental elements in a fly's effectiveness.

Certainly food for thought, eh?


BTW - Psst! R-o-n-N would be the correct spelling.
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