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Ocean FArming of Cod

I just read a short article in the Portland, OR "Oregonian" on plans to farm cod in the ocean off the US coast. Supposedly this will "relieve pressure on the world's fish stocks" and allow for "more, affordable and healthy fish for consumers". The folks pushing this idea are the same multinational companies that "blessed" us with large-scale salmon farming. They want the US Congress to pass laws and the US Marine Fisheries Service to make regulations for them to be able to make sections of the US coastal waters exclusively for these deep water fish farms.

The article also mentioned that the price of farmed salmon and "protests against farmed salmon" have "increased the pressure on cod" by commercial fishers. This stuff sounds like they are trying to get the US Congress to bless their cod farming operations and have Congress trump state regulators.

I don't trust these folks since they have not done what they claim with their salmon farming operations. What they have done with salmon farming quite clearly shows they don't care for much more than making large profits quickly.


This sounds like a PR campaign to get the US Congress to give them free reign. What do you know about this and what do you see as the ramifications of doing so?
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