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Hopefully Lucky Squid

Lucky Squid

Thread: fine mono
Tentacles: white bucktail, white saddle/ streamer, rubber pearl bass bug skirt,
pink Krystal Flash
Collars: white marabou
Body: any white chenille type product, I found a fuzzy version
Markers: permanent; black & pink
Glue: LocTite CA, brush on

Dressing the fly
1. Lay down a wrap of thread the length of the hook, glue to shank
2. Tie in a bunch of bucktail equal to the length of the hook just before the curve. Make sure to tie about a inch of bucktail down, this will help spread the hackle for the tentacles. Glue down your wraps.
3. Select 6 hackles, I think different lengths look better than all uniform, dot the hackles with the black & pink markers.
4. Tie in the hackle to the base of bucktail, Keys style, in pairs, each 1/3 of the way around the shank. Glue your wraps.
5. Take 10 - 12 strands of full length Krystal flash, stagger the ends & find the middle of the bunch. Tie the flash down on one side of the hackle/ bucktail bunch at the middle of the flash. Rotate your hook half way, pull the remaining flash around the hackle/ bucktail bunch & tie in on the other side. Take a minute to gently separate the flash so it spreads out across the hackle. Glue your wraps.
6. Using the same method as you did for the flash, tie in 2 - 4 strands of the pearl bass bug skirt. Glue your wraps.
7. Tie in a collar of white marabou. I prefer to tie in small bunches since I just can't get the hang of palmering the stuff. Glue your wraps.
8. Tie the beginning of your chenille forward of the hackle/ bucktail bunch on top of the hook shank, backward to the end of the hackle/ bucktail bunch. Glue your wraps and bring your thread forward to the hook eye.
9. Wrap the chenille onto the shank, building your body, make the rear of the body fat enough to attach large eyes. Make sure you don't reduce the hook gap! Stop about a 1/8 of an inch from the eye. Tie off & glue your wraps.
10. Tie in a collar of white marabou. Tie off & glue your wraps.
11. Glue on large eyes.

Good luck! Roop

PS Due to a delay in receiving materials, each recipient is entitled to a version of my Catherwood Giant Killer, please email me at
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