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RE:Hawkeye's swap flies

Here's a couple more.

[img]" border="0"></center>

No Name fly

This is an untried fly ie an experiment.

At the tail of the hook tie in a strip of bunny fur. At that tie in point tie in some red larva lace (at least that is what I think it is.) Wrap the thread to the front. Wrap the larva lace to the front (leave some room for the front bunny fur) then back to the back and once again to the front. Tie it off and trim. Tie in a bunny strip and make one wrap, tie off and trim. Tie off the thread and trim. Moisten your fingers and form the wrapped fur over the eye of the hook to keep it out of the way. Mix some epoxy and coat the larva lace. If you try this fly I'd love to hear if it works for you.

<center><img src="[/img]

Jelly belly deep sand eel - I used the wrong hook on this one - short shank.

Thread: clear mono and olive
Glue: Epoxy
Hook: Mustad 34011 1/0
Underbody: white (I think it is superhair but the label is missing) Yak hair would also work.
Midbody: polarflash with a hint of green
Upperbody: Olive (again I think it is superhair but the label is missing) Yak hair would also work.
Hook body: silver rexlace (from a craft store)
Eye: small or medium dumbell

Pinch or file barb. At bend on top of hook tie in 4-6 strands of polarflash followed by the white “superhair” – about 5”. At the same point tie in the rexlace and wrap it to the eye tie in point – secure and trim. Tie in the dumbell eyes. Turn hook over and tie in the olive “superhair” to the same length or a bit longer than the white. Tie off and trim mono. Add olive thread to “nose” tie off and trim. Apply epoxy to body trying to keep the olive hair close to the body (something I can never get quite right.)
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