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Hope the correct 'site' pops up here.

Ordering (killing my Son's gift certificate) with Aaron in Carnation, WA. Saw the above, thought 'how cool.' Ordered up a couple of packages. Very different 'under body' for tube fly's. Well, looks like I'm short a bit on 'http.' Go to his 'tube section' to see the following.


LOOP Bottle Tubes Click Here $ 9.95

Bottle tubes are machined from bar stock brass, then finely polished, finished and plated. They offer the advantage of constructing heavily weighted compact flies with small streamlined heads. These flies cast easily and sink fast. They also enter and leave the water quietly. Furnished in each package is a length of small tubing that can be used as a liner inside the hole to protect the leader (use optional). There is also a length of very soft plastic hook-holder tubing. Priced per 10.
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