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Buggy Stuff!

John, that is a good looking bug. It looks like the body is shaped in a round shape, I can't tell if the bottom is shaved flat, a preference of mine.
It is also has a cone shaped body, so think of a bicycle wheel, the spokes near the hub are tighter than the same spokes near the tire! So it appears that the bug hair is not as tighthly packed at the front end because the hair is longer.
I don't know if this will help, I assume you already do all of this.
1- Use hair that is consistent is size (diameter) and length for the various segments of the bug. But also see below for variations.
2- Trim the hair the same length after clipping it off the skin, say one inch for most bugs. Trim some off the back end (coarser) as well as the fine front tip (thinner). This will give you a consistency in the bug as the hair is bent while spinning. Pick a coarseness that best suits the bug you are building. It takes different cuts if the bug is longer, wider, shaped etc. and I often vary the cuts on the same bug depending on the final shape I'm going to build.
3- Try alternating/experimenting with different hair from different patches as you build the bug, some times a thinner hair is used on the back end, coarser in the middle, and medium in the front ( or any variation of this depending on the bug you are building and the float characteristics you are looking for)
4- Think your bug through before spinning. The bug you show has a feather tail, lighter when dry but it will get heavier as the feather get wet, so I would use a medium coarse hair at the tail as it will pack tighter and offer more float, I would use coarse for the middle and thin for the front. If it had a rubber hackle tail or a
synthetic fish hair tail, then I would vary my "recipe".
ALWAYS check the "character" of the hair when you buy it, look for those subtle differences that you can use when building the bug.
Pete AKA Frenchcreek from Calgary
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