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Hawkeye's swap flies

I was one of those miscreant reprobate types Bob spoke of. Here are the ones that made the photo cut.

Crab fly - I had a red, white, and blue banner day with this fly at south beach inside on the 4th of July last year.

Hook: Gamakatsu SC15 2/0
Weight: small dumbell eyes
Body: Bottom: Champagne felt
Top: Tan felt
Legs: white leg material – sorry I don’t know the real name – I also use rubber bands
Tail: two feathers – again I don’t know the name of the feather
Eyes: 50# mono melted

Pinch or file barb. Attach eyes 1/8th of an inch from eye of hook on the top side. Tie off and cut thread. Place hook in vise point up and glue champagne felt to the top of the hook using fabri-tac or similar glue. Glue eight legs in place. Glue two feathers in place. Glue two mono strands in place. Glue top tan felt in place. With sharpie markers in red and brown make a whole mess of dots on the top tan felt and with the brown marker make dots on the legs. Holding the crab upside down use a lighter to melt the mono until it is close to the body. Hold in position until it cools and repeat with the other strand. Allow glue to dry and it’s ready to fish.

If you would like more of a bulge in the carapace you can glue a smaller piece of felt under the top tan felt.

Squid – A great producer for me on the tip rip.

Thread: clear mono
Glue: epoxy and superglue
Hook: Gamakatsu SP11-3L3H 3/0
“Underlegs” Pink bucktail, chartreuse holoflash, and pink Krystalflash
Legs: pink feathers about 5” long
Underbody: pink chenile
Overbody: pink cactus chenile
Head: Pink marabou tufts
Eyes: 7/8” or ¼” prism eyes

Pinch or file the barb. At the bend tie in the following; a small bunch of pink bucktail, 10-15 strands of pink krystal flash, and 4-6 strands of chartreuse holoflash. At the same spot tie in pink chenile and make a few overlapping wraps of chenile to make a spreader. Tie off and trim chenile. Just in front of the spreader tie in the pink feathers evenly spaced around the hook, 5-6 feathers. At the feather tie in point tie in the pink chenile and wrap it onto the hook building the body up. Leave a bit of room behind the eye of the hook, secure and trim. Tie off the pink chenile and at the feather tie in point tie in the pink cactus chenile. Wrap the cactus chenile to the front of the hook, secure and trim. On either side just behind the eye of the hook tie in a tuft of pink marabou. Tie off and trim thread then apply superglue. At the feather tie in point or just behind it epoxy the prism eyes on each side. After the epoxy has set use a black sharpie marker to place dots on the body and legs.

Flats sand eel. I “killed” ‘em last year at Monomoy with this.

Thread: clear mono
Glue: superglue
Hook: Mustad 34011 1/0
Underbody: White (I think it is superhair but the label is missing) Yak hair would also work.
Midbody: Ghost krystal flash
Upperbody: Olive (I think it is superhair but the label is missing) Yak hair would also work.
Eye: small prism eyes

Pinch or file barb. Near the eye on the top of the hook tie in 4-10 strands of krystalflash – 4 ¼”. On top of that tie in a small bunch of olive “superhair” – 5 ¼”. Turn the hook over and at the same point tie in white “superhair” a little shorter than the olive. Build the head up with thread, tie off and trim. Stick on eyes and liberally coat with superglue.
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