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Fish skin bug

The History:

When I travel on business I always try to visit a fly shop to see anything that is not common in New England. Last year I had to go to Southern California on a couple of occasions. While there I stopped in at Bob Marriott’s Fly Shop. In the racks of flies I found the dark fly on the top in the picture below, called a “Fish Skin Bug” that was intended for offshore Tuna fishing. I liked the material used for the cheeks and back, which is called “Fish Skin” and bought some to experiment with. The fly on the bottom is my experiment at tying with Fish Skin. I have not fished it yet, and would appreciate any feed back on it.

The Pattern:

Hook: Gamakatsu SL11-3H size 1

Thread: 3/0 White

Lower wing: White kinky Fiber, ~ 15 strands doubled over

Mid wing: Lavender Enrico Puglisi Sea fibers, ~ 15 Strands Doubled over

Top wing: Gray Enrico Puglisi Sea fibers, ~ 25 fibers

Throat: 3 turn’s Neon red micro cactus chenille over the Gray Sea fibers,

Then the gray sea fibers are doubled over the top of the chenille

Topping: Rainbow Angel hair, ~ ¾ left to the rear of the tie in point, and then doubled over.

Cheek: Clear Fish Skin cut to a teardrop shape glued with zap a gap or equivalent then wrapped with thread

Eyes: Silver with black pupil, coated with 2-ton epoxy

Note: Fish Skin is manufactured by Area Rule Engineering, of San Clemente, CA. This material is normally used for the skirts on lures trolled off shore. The last package of it that I got from Bob Marriott’s had a Hareline Dubbing sticker over the Area Rule Engineering name. There are several colors of Fish skin and it makes a great curly tail for use on a panfish fly that some would call a jig.
John Desjardins
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