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This thread is a little puzzling. I tie flies (trout flies) and the only thing that keeps me tying is an ability to be creative. Its what tying is all about for me. This means creating something new by any and all means of doing so. After reading flytyers critique of this most beautiful fly, I am puzzeled to say the least. ALL THE RULES?? The only place that I can see room for creativity is the substitution of materials. How dare I make that tail the lenght that I see fit, blah... Isn't there a differance between constructive criticism and a set of rules that that doesn't allow for any personal choice by the tyer.
Ronn and Igor, let me comment you for your reply's . If anyone were to lay down a set of rules for the flies that I tie, well.... lets not go there.
CDG, great job, keep up the good work and DON'T get stiffled by rules. Keep the creative juices flowing. -Yaf.
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