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While I certainly don't want to offend any 'purists' in our merry little conclave of tyers, nor do I wish to seem dismissive of their 'perspectives', please allow me to offer the following;

The most innovative and talented tyers the world has ever known (to include Pryce-Tannatt and George Kelson) were deemed innovative and talented tyers BECAUSE they thumbed their collective noses at 'conventional guidelines', narrow minded thinking, and the oft-pontificating opinions of others. In short, they DARED to be different and set THEIR own standards.

So, turns of oval tinsel, angle of wing, length of Jungle Cock, and the condescending babble of 'critics' be darned!

"Why NOT tie YOUR fly in the method or means that YOU choose to do so?!"

You tied a very nice fly, GDC


BTW - IMO, "A craftsman creates, a critic can only dream of doing so."
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