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RE:Recipe For Fly At Top of Stony Brook Clave Link?

This looks like a good place for a few dumb questions. I've been tying a bunch of deep sand eels, on 1/0, 2/0 and 3/0 hooks. The 1/0 are sparse, 2 1/2 to 3" with little flash and topped with a bit of rootbeer angel hair. The 2/0 are 4 to 5", more flash and rainbow angel hair. The 3/0 are 6 to 7" (rip type) more flash and baitfish or rainbow angel air. Using white or polarbear superhair underneath with chartruse and olive superhair(and tan on the smaller stuff), in various blends and amount on top.

Any recommendations on the color combos?

Considering this will probably be my staple fly how far ahead of myself should I get (how many)?

Johns comments on angelhair topped with olive superhair - hadn't seen that before. Did I read that right? Tied one up and liked it.

Been using the Danville flat wax nylon and really like it. I'm calibrated now so that I can really crank on it without breaking. What types of patterns would I need to consider other threads for?

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Fred A.
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