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Since others have rightly pointed out that your fly was a low-water one and since I provided info on standard dress in my previous reply, I am providing you with info on your fly from a low-water perspective.

I would change the following things from a low-water fly perspective:

1) shorten the tip to 4 or 5 turns of either extra fine oval or wire (what the full-dressed literature refers to as round tinsel) tinsel.

2) shorten the tag so that it is about the length of the hook point.

3) shorten the tail so that it is 1/2 the body length long, but leanve the tail veiling as is.

4) use a smaller size tinsel for ribing so that you can have 5 turns of tinsel.

5) start the hackle winding at the 3rd turn of tinsel and then make some additional wraps at the throat.

6) use a smaller hackle unless you were puposely trying to tie a pseudo spey.

7) set the wing closer to the body.

8) make the jungle cock cheeks longer, about 1/3 the wing length.
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