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flytyer, every word of your reply to CDG is just nuts!

In the first place, CDG was/is talking about his wing, not the entire fly. At least that is how I read his post. Remember that a person must walk before he/she can run. CDG was having trouble setting a married wing and after your excellent tips in the other post, he tried them out with a narrow wing to get the feel of setting the wing. He said as much in the post that prompted your reply.

Frankly, I think he tied an excellent low water style fly, wing, tail and all!

There are no rules in tying that apply 100% of the time. If he was duplicating a classic or some other pattern in the style of ANOTHER TYER, then, "rules" would apply in order to end up with a reasonable duplicate of the original. Otherwise, there are no rules! Now, there may be a "norm" of a particular style but that is not rules. It is more like guidelines.

"...I'll wait to provide more until after you post another fly. Don't want to scare you off or discourage you. This is really not too bad for not having had someone teach you how to tie them." Your approach was exactly what could turn off a Tyer. I found it extremely condescending. Every one of your seven points were personal preference and nothing more.

Happy Trails!
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