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You asked for it (I'll be gentle, trust me )

1) The tip should not be any further up the hook bend than the point of the barb, and is better if about the mid-point between the point and root of the barb. This will ballance the fly much better.

2) The tip should be 4 or 5 turns max and be made of fine oval tinsel.

3) The tag should start right up against the tip and end right above the hook point. To do this, start the tag above the hook point and wind it back to the tip then forward again to the starting point.

4) The tail needs to be longer. It should be tied in right above the hook point right where the tag ends and it should be 1/2 shank (or about a hook gap) long.

5) There should be five equal distant turns of tinsel that start and end on the bottom of the hook shank.

6) The body hackle should start at the 3rd turn of tinsel and then end with additional turns at the throat.

7) The wing needs to be both fuller (wider) and longer. The wing should end just inside the point of the tail and be about a hook gap in width.

This is enough for now to have you work on, I'll wait to provide more until after you post another fly. Don't want to scare you off or discourage you. This is really not too bad for not having had someone teach you how to tie them.
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