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Re: mounting classic married wings

Originally posted by CDG
My wings are smashed down and tilted to one side or the other.
Smashed down sounds like maybe they're just too tall???

Or maybe, they get smashed as they tilt???
Try reversing the thread to set the far wing. Re-reversing to "normal" & then setting the near wing will offset the torque that causes the tilt, & the wings will support each other.

I set wings using a couple soft loops, done one-at-a-time. There is no,(next to no), thread torque in a soft loop, so canting shouldn't be a problem. Maintain a firm pinch on the wing strips & take a couple insurance turns of your thread.
Release the wings & check position. If "OK", thje unwind the insurance turns to remove bulk, & go to whatever step is next. If the wings are slightly "off kilter", then you can grasp butts & wings & gently re-position them. The extra turns you took will keep things from falling apart.
Hope it helps.
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