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Oregon Fishing Regs.

Good morning,
I picked up the 2004 Oregon Sport Fishing Regualtions booklet yesterday. License fees have gone up considerably. This is how the numbers stack up........

Resident Annual
Angling License $24.75
Resident Combo
Hunting/Angling $43.75
Annual Angling $61.50
7 Day Angling $43.75

The Resident / Non-Resident Daily License includes your Salmon / Steelhead tag! 1,2,and3 day licenses are $12.-, $22.50, and $33.- respective

Resident Combined Salmon / Steelhead
Annual Tag $21.50

The Sports Pac / Resident

As always, Regs. may change through out the year, so keep your ears peeled!
The ODFW is holding a public process to review Angling Regs this year. You can submit proposals from now untill Feb. 29, 04. Proposal packages can be had on-line at or by snail at Angling Regs. 3406 Cherry Ave. Salem OR 97303. I encourage everyone to participate, it may not be the best system, but it is not going to get any better if we just sit around on our arses complaining.
Public meetings for reg. input will be held in May as follows...

LaGrande May 10
Bend " 11
K.Falls " 12
Central Point " 13
Roseburg " 17
Springfield " 18
Newport " 19
Tillamook " 20
Salem " 24
I dont know why there is no meeting set for Portland, but I am going to call Salem Monday to see what is up.
Meetings will go from 7 to 10 pm at locations to be announced.
The ODFW Commission will meet in Aug. to discuss the proposed changes, and will adopt said regs. in September for the 05 season.
Again, these are YOUR Fisheries! Take some time to think about any changes you think might help them!
Hope you all are having a good weekend.
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