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RE:Crease Flies

For coloring the bodies i really like the permanent markers from "berol"?, sorry I can't remember the exact name. If you go to a graphic arts supplier you can find plenty of colors to work from. Just buy Sharpies for the regular colors like black, red, and green. The funny thing about the foam is that it doesn't absorb the colors too quickly. I put some streaks of color on the body and then blend the colors with a towel rag. You can blend them nicely.
If you go with epoxy, try using the 2 hour version and then heat it to about 100* by sitting it in a bowl of hot water. This lowers the viscosity and allows you to apply it much thinner. The higher temps accelerate the cure time so that's why you need the 2 hour.
Another trick is to buy some fine glitter to mix with the epoxy, stir it right into the mix and 'paint' it on.
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