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Crease Flies

For those of you caught up with trying to get your tying done for the season (like me) if you haven't committed yourself to a topwater pattern you should try a Crease fly.

I've always been frustrated with casting the foam poppers.

I tried out a few of the Crease flies I tied up this winter on a pond yesterday afternoon and I am very excited about using them in the salt this weekend. Easy to tie, easy to cast, I was in a pretty good wind yesterday with an 8weight floating big game taper. Great action.

For those not familiar with Crease flies, I believe Joe Blados is credited with creating them. I found out about them in Veverka's "Innovative Saltwater" book.

**Bob Pink could you post a photo & your directions?

They're simple to tie:
1. Lay down a thick course of thread on the your hook
2. Tie on a tail of bucktal & flash
3. Glue (use a superglue GEL)the pre-cut sheet foam body to
the hook shank
4. Color the foam with markers & cover with clear cover like
hard as nails.

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