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Polar Fiber Flatwing

In getting ready for the opening of the season I'm tying sparser stuff. Here is an idea using the flatwing style of the "Rhody Flatwing" but building a body out of greyish polar fiber. This is done on a size 2 hook (the photo is deceiving oversized..dohhh)
See image a couple of posts below.

Here's the recipe:

Hook: 1/0 down to 2 saltwater
Tail: Brown and tan hackle
Thread: 6/0 or 3/0 tan
Body: Polar Fiber-white ir grey (I like grey)
Flash: Whatever you want for synthetic flash, I used green
Eyes: stick on 2 mm
Head: Epoxy

1. Tie on a hackle to back of hook shank like a deceiver but in the flatwing style (feather parallel to floor)

2. move thread up to near head but not all the way up and tie in the flash above the flatwing, just a couple of strands.

3. Now take a pinch of polar fiber and tie it into the head. Rotate hook and tie in another pinch. Repeat all the way around the hook until the pola fiber is evanly distributed around the head.(it should take 4 or 5 pinches. Not too thick, avoid leaving gaps.

4. Wrap a nice head, whip finish, and stick on eyes.

5. Put epoxy on the head and dry evanly (motor wheel helps).

6. Cast into a pod of Albies and hang on!!!!

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