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RE:Flies on steroids

Bob - I'll bet those would be the ticket for the rocks off Boston Habah!

My experiences with long flies have been affected by difficulties in keeping the profile of the fly right for what they are imitating. Two tricks I know of for making bigger flies retain thier profile in current and retrieve force are (a) building up the foreward body and abdomen like a slim tadpole and (b) using a rigid shape at the head. Page Roger's bigeye baitfish lays materials in a manner to ensure the 'slab' profile, as do others. The eye patch is an important part of the fly design in that example. Some use epoxy heads for this purpose, which also has the effect of spreading the materials out at the roots. I use marabou to build up the abdomen per a coho salmon fly pattern to achieve (a) which a lot of friends have started to do as well. This has both a bulk and foil effect. It may be hard to find in these sizes though!

The fabric heads Gregg Estey uses are an example of addiing rigidity while also ceating the feeding baitfish look. I meant to scan the underwater photos of pogies swimming by, all you can see hundreds of shiny gill plates flared wide open for filter-feeding ahead of barely visible shadows of bodies.

Between the chernobyl peacock herl and the yak hair, those look like some awesome big fly patterns. Like Sully says, looks like you are having a championship season with the tying this spring!

(almost time to chase steelhead...)
from Seattle,
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