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But you're comparing a bare-bones Baja trip to a fully outfitted lodge experience in the Bahamas. One can do the Bahamas and other Caribbean areas on a slim budget by going to an area that has good wading flats and staying in small motels. Many of us don't choose to go that way because we'll catch far more fish for the time we're there if we hire a guide and have access to a boat so we can fish several flats. Of course, one can do Baja the same way. In fact, considering the price of some of Cabo's hotels, it must be pretty easy to spend far more on a Baja trip. I do bonefishing from a lodge at least twice a year and spend another week fishing for permit from a lodge, and I'm only a retired schoolteacher. One doesn't have to be super rich, or even rich, one simply has to set some priorities. It sounds silly, but it's amazing how much more money we have for travel since my wife and I gave up smoking back in 1992. A lot of the people I meet at lodges are anything but rich, but they find a way to enjoy a trip or two a year by monitoring their other expenses ruthlessly.
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