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If you're doing long trips, I'd go cataraft. They have heavier carrying capacities for similar sizes and are designed to carry heavy loads (what they're purpose was). For as long of trips as you're talking about, you'll want a lot of gear. I used my 16' Aire Ocelot (would be a Jaguarundi nowadays) as a cargo hauler for my friends whitewater business. I carried all the gear. The benefit of a cat is the high carrying capacity and maneuverability with a load on it. Though, to tell the truth, no boat maneuvers REALLY well under heavy load. But a cat will do a bit better.

That's something to consider. Plus, they cost more, but you can go to NRS and buy their takedown aluminum frame. Is designed for packing in on airplanes. I know a few friends who used to take a 14' cataraft with the NRS frame and do multiday trips out of a bushplane in Alaska. Can give you the link to the website if you want to PM/email me. You'll be paying a premium, but everything is whitewater grade. Plus, they actually sell a REALLY nice convertible fishing frame. It's awesome. I would love it if it wasn't aluminum (great normally, but sucks if you whitewater, one hit and you've weakened boat).

You can easily get by with the Puma's too if you can get a deal on one. I hate to admit it, but I used to run bucketboats. LOL. Shhhhhhhhh. Nothing wrong with them. We had an old homemade one and a maravia at one time. But, prefer the cats. I'm biased that way. :hehe: I do believe NRS carries Aire still, and also do have their own line of boats (good too). Can buy the whole package through them.

Hope I covered most for you. But when it comes down to it, both are good/bad. Depends on what you want out of the boat. From sounds of it, the cataraft will be way to go. Just make sure you have a good two way pump to inflate once you land, and a good repair kit incase something happens.
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