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RE:Tying Materials

!14" Peacock?? Didn't know they had those birds in chernobyl [img]" border="0" align="middle"> That's one heck of a bunker, herring, mackeral, or pollock back.

You probably already know the Eldridge Bros. just north of Kittery... they are a great add-on stop when in Kittery to find the less mainstream materials KTP doesn't stock. This is particularly true of materials for salmon patterns and classic northeast streamers.

At the risk of sounding parochial I have to comment on the total commitment Tom Lynch has made to his flyshop in Ayer.
Blue Northern carries a huge assortment of materials and BobD keeps the reps busy. You can even get your fletch-tite in the archery department <img src="[/img]

I'll have to put a special word in for the top quality hackles Smitty's got at his shop down in Kingston. Where the trout guys like very long fine hackles, those who tie striper flies, palmer hackle collars on steelie flies, or classic new england streamers will appreciate this find. The hackles are medium length, very consistent grade, and have an even taper. The barbs feather nicely without being webby and collapsed.

As you know the guys up at Nick's place in New Boston carry one of the areas biggest material supplies. If you have the time, it's a nice ride thru the NH countryside when you visit Hunter's Angling Supplies.

Perhaps the last word in materials providers is your friend and mine - Phil Castleman. I can't go by his booth at the show without buying some totally exotic feather or fur. I've bought kingfisher, blue-eared and brown-eared pheasant, jungle cock, and all kinds of rare materials for salmon and steelhead flies from Phil. This year I bought a few bustard substitute feathers ($10) for classic salmon flies and several packages of dyed seal fur dubbing. That ain't stuff you find in any department store!

Outside of the area, the Seattle guys on this forum will chime in for Ol' Manuel Bernardo of the Quality Fly Shop in Port Angeles WA. Legal polar bear of various lengths, just to kick things off. I heard he sold the shop last year. Wonder if the new owner says "psssssst... check these out" and leads you into the infamous back room to show you extremely rare and exotic materials that you could not afford or that he would never sell.

As a consumer, I'll have to say that the biggest and best materials selection I have ever seen is Bob Marriotts on Orangethorpe in Fullerton, CA. If you're in the area do yourself a favor and stop by (southwest of LA about 40 minutes each way WORTH THE DRIVE).

So many shops, so little time!
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