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Tying Materials

Always a challange finding good materials when you need them. I'm not going to try to 'advertise' for any location but make it easier for all of us to locate key/unique items.

On a small note in this regard, I was in Portland Maine for the past two days. A small shop has opened up downtown which is trying to be a general purpose tackle shop. I found that he stocks these 1 oz. packages of peacock hurl for about $ 17.00 a package. The unusual part of this is that hurls measure 14 - 16" long!! I'm already picturing them on some of those yak-hair pollock patterns terry! So FWIW, "The Tackle Shop" Portland 207-773-FISH ask for Dana, he'll UPS.

He also ties for his own shop, does a very nice job with the big patterns that seem to be popular up here on the rocky coast....
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