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I have the following thoughts on drift boats. My boat is a 16 ft 54" wide aluminum FishRite made in Cave Junction Oregon. A nice rowing boat with high sides which is comforting in big water. It does not anchor well in current, it occilates side to side. I wish it had a rear storage bin that doubles as a seat when using a trolling motor. Make sure you have beverage holders and rod racks. I have rod holders for fishing with plugs but also added vertical rod racks that allow flyrods to be kept out of the way. An anchor cleat on the bow is nice when you pull the boat to shore. A heater is also a nice add.

Aluminum: tough as heck, if you are rowing heavy water with boulders it should be highly considered. They are noisy and cold also. Have rowed Kofflers, Willie, Alumaweld and FishRite. The Kofflers and Willies are sweet but very expensive. The Willie boat sides are a little low for my liking.

Fiberglass: quiet and warm and pretty tough. They are easier to get off that rock that looked to have enough flow over the top but did not. I have rowed Clackacrafts and Lavros and they both handle beautifully. A friend just bought a Hyde and thinks it is the cats meow.

Wood: Quiet, warm and heavy. Well designed ones row just great. They take a lot a maintence and a garage is highly recommended. Just about the best looking boats. My buddy Rudy has an old (30 year) Don Hill. Rows very well but does not like hitting rocks in the Deschutes. A rib and the top rail was broken and the boat developed a leak, but we got home ok. If you are handy there are plans and kits. Check into Greg Tatman's website.

To save bucks, either make it yourself or get a used boat.
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