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Fished the Skagit River on Sunday. Started high at Swift Creek. Water is low, gin clear and cold. Weather is overcast with a few sprinkles, temp about 32 degrees. 2nd or 3rd cast got a good take on the swing. I thought this would be a steelhead because the take was on the swing and I was up high in the run. It turned out to be a 20" Dolly. Caught 2 more Dollies in the frog water before heading to Jackman Creek. Caught 2 Dollies at Jackman. All of the Dollies went around 18 to 20 inches. After Jackman Creek I moved further down river to Grandy Creek. The river has more color here. I suspect the color is coming from the Sauk and maybe some from the Baker. Visibility about 3 feet. I fished for several hours with no sign of Mr. Metalhead. A good day for catching Dolly Varden. Not so good for catching steelhead.

Lots of eagles and herons. I look hard at those blue herons. I can see lots of spey hackle and one great big fine. Only seen one other fisherman all day. Unusual for a Sunday. I could hear a few sleds running but only seen one. I like it when the eagles and herons out number the people.

Next weekend I go in search of Mr. Metalhead again.
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