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New Patterns: An easy sandeel and some shrimps

We know we need a sandeel in our flybox, we'll see how the shrimps perform right Terry?

The sandeel is mostly angel hair/ long brite tied around a core of stiff ultr hair. You might want to add a bit of softex to the ultra hair B4 adding the angel hair. Use softex to dress the forward third of the finished fly to keep it from fouling. Epoxy on the eyes.

The shrimp are a motley looking crew at this time but there is potential.
A. #4 hook, 10 deer body hairs, three strands of krystal flash folded back, two pieces of cheneniel (sp?)tan & white, tied above the point then wound forward building a tapered body.

B. #4 hook, 3 strands of krystal flash folded, 20#mono eyes, ice estacz (sp?) on the bottom of the shank, crease fly foam cut into a narrow triangle tied to top.

C. long shank 1/0 bent to match curve of the fingernail, 3 strands of SW krystal flash ( its a bit stiffer ), 40# mono eyes, ice estacz ( i really should learn how to spell this stuff ) wound from above point to eye. False fingernail ( shaped the ends to your liking ) epoxied to top of shank. Once the epoxy sets, sand E-Z sparkle body paint on the fingernail.

D. same hook and assembly, use a strip of tan zonker on the underside of the hook shank and some tan kinky fibre along the top of the shank to create a leading 'tail'above the eye and to fill out the "arms'
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