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This is insane

The list of endangered or threatened species is long and keeps growing. It seems like there is always someone or some group that despite this will try in their own self interest to obtain the hair feathers, claws, bones or other body parts so they can have something rare, and exotic. What is so special about a fly that it has to be made from the feather of a rare or endangered bird. This is insane. We spend allot of time talking about protecting wild stealhead and salmon and there habitats, and about preserving the ethics of our sport. I donít care how anyone tries to justify using some rare birds feather or even a semi rare substitute for it because a recipe calls for it just so you can have it, it contradicts the fundamental ethic that I believe this sport represents. If we donít practice the ethic of respect for other living things, their conservation and protection were no better than a bunch of poachers. Just because we buy a dead bird from an aviary doesnít relieve us of that responsibility. WALK THE TALK.

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