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Posted here over the last year that have to do with the problems related to the fish farming industry. Problems that have plagued this traveling enviromental disaster 3/4 of the way around the world. Problems that the Brits and Scotts and Irish are still seeing reprocussions from since the 70's. Problems that show up south of the equator with people catching escaping populations of non-native species. Non-native species showing up in rivers 100's of miles from the closest farms!
Look, just go into your local warehouse or club food store and watch the hordes buy up this stuff. Watch them buy the smoked products with the deceptive labling that you need to be a Pro Linguist to be able to get that its a farm raised / color added product. By companies, some of which, are not even from these parts.
It's the old "Lets blow in to town and ruin the fisheries while we stuff our pockets with cash, when all the rivers are history, we'll blast off to the next planet and do it again"
DON'T buy the product, then tell your friends, DON'T buy the product. Tell them about the lice, tell them about the escape problem, tell them about the "color added", tell them about the effect it is having on, say, the Jack Mackrel population in the Atlantic that is suffering from over harvest, to put into the pellets, to feed the Farm Salmo's!
I feel for the local population that is locked into working with these people, thiers is a true dichotomy, and because of that, IMHO alot of heads are turned the other way....Worldwide!

I yeild the soap box
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