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We ain't seen nothin yet..

Klahowya, Been awhile since we covered any of this ongoing tale of habitat and fisheries destruction. In the last several years there has been an attempt on the part of Canadian Farmers to cultivate Black Cod and Halibut, now I hear they are also going to start raising Atlantic and Pacific (True) Cod.
Several of my cohorts attended a three day session on Fish Farming prior to the Comercial Fishing Expos at the Seattle Center they had lots of information to share, some of which was in your report.
The worst news to me was that the farms are now rasing "Black Cod" and in two yeras will be marketing a little over 500,000 pounds of finished product this is from 2 facilitys and there are permits in the works for 20 more of the same. Black Cod is a high value fish very oily and loaded with healthy omega 6 very much in demand in the Oreint and Ballard. This will certainly increase the decline of the few healthy fishing bussiness that are remaining.
The wholesale production of Atlantic and Pacific Cod that is coming down the tracks is ,I can only speculate , going to make all the other production pale in comparison. White fish is the most often consumed and I have to wonder just how long the Oceans of the world can continue to give up protien to augment the Soy Bean feed that these fish are being fed on. The farmers claim that they have the feed under contol but I remain skeptical of some of there claims. I only wish I could be skeptical about there ability to win goverment approval and support.
It was reported to me that the NMFS has paid for research and has financial aid for American entry into farming for Black Cod and Halibut whoever said "It's all good" got it all wrong!
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