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From what I hear there will be a public relations war in the coming months between the two groups, farming and commercial fishers. The negative press as of late about farmed raised salmon
have the growers concerned. What you will see is public information campain about wild salmon being endangered and that farmed salmon is a healthy alternative.

I believe that the last of the commercials up north and in the Pacific NW will capitalize on the nitch they are now creating. That being wild fish taste better and are more healthy. Their market will be the high end markets and restraunts. If done properly I can live with that but I can not live with Salmon farming as it is today. I could live with inland farming and pollution controls to feed mid westerners who don't know the difference. Fresh wild salmon should be a local food issue and a seasonal one. No different than freshly grown organic veggies. I think the commercials have excepted this concept and will remain active and sucsessful if they stay the course. As for the salmon farmers they may be in big trouble feeding the middle class of N. America. They may be in bigger trouble when Europe and Japan completely stop buying the product because they have been educated on how bad the product really is. The 1st world is going quality over quanity and will continue to do so as long as there is no major economic devastation. As far as feeding the 3rd world even as cheap as farmed salmon is it is far, far too expensive to fill the belly. Corperate fish farming of all kinds will never be cheap enough to do so. Only small local, village farms will work as they always had thoughout history. It is unfortunate that this world industry is destroying local ways, rights and costal breeding grounds for many types of marine life. In South America the shimp farming taking place has lead to many political murders of those who have had the courage to resist loosing their fishing grounds and way of life.
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