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SA Mastery

I have been using the SA Mastery SW lines (floaters and intermediates) for fishing in the UK coastal waters and can relate to the experiences of the previous posters. For the price we pay in the UK £52 ($91US) I expected these to be good lines that lasted well. First impressions were good; the lines cast well and handled the tricky winds we get here, with relative ease. A few months in though and both lines were dropping in performance and proving to be generally unsatisfactory. The floater even started to perform like an intermediate line.

I have now learned to live with the fact that fly lines are going to perish in these conditions and rather than splash out on an expensive line went down the ‘disposable’ route. Buying cheaper lines where the pain of having to replace them would not hurt as much. I replaced all my lines with the cheaper Cortland 333 (£32 or $56US) and although these are not rated for SW have performed admirably.

Although on the other had in my view the SA XPS is about the best line out their for small river fishing.
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