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Book Review: Fly Rodding Estuaries

Picked up this great book by Ed Mitchell a few weeks ago and have just finished it. This is one of the most informative books on fishing the estuarine ecosystem and various subsets thereof that I've come across. A great deal of time is spent in each section discussing the best times to fish with regards to tide, time of day, season, etc., enough to save someone some serious time out on the water waiting for the fish to show up. Considerations are given to prevalent game fish and forage, as well as some information on fly patterns and equipment. In short, this book was well worth the $15 I paid for it. I liked it so much that I've just received another of Mitchell's books, Fly Fishing the Saltwater Shoreline ($23); a preliminary look indiactes that it's as informative as Estuaries. Mitchell has another book, Fly Rodding the Coast , that's available for roughly $14. For those of us in the Northeast, where Mitchell makes his home, these books are a great value.
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