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Too many patterns, too little time Crease Fly

Well, my last tying frenzy b4 the season actually starts is in full swing. Seems like every few days I stumble across a pattern that catches my eye and 'begs' to be attempted. I'm not always worthy of the task but there are a few nice results.

Crease Fly
Nice decription in the Veverka book about Capt Joe Blados' 'CreaseFly' creation. You have to see the detail he put's into the coloration on his versions. Simply works of art. Here's one i tried

Double Bunny
When I got my tyers catalogue from Hunters in NH this year there was an illustration showing two Zonker strips glued back-to back for a very nice looking fly. I attempted to copy it but couldn't find an adhesive that would secure the two strips and stay flexible. I visited their shop about two weeks ago and Dan Fitzgerald up there was very helpful. (If you decide to try it, order some "Fletch-Tite" from Cabela's or your favorite archery shop).

[IMG= bunny.gif]

Big Bootee'
Thought I'd try a 'spreader' type pattern using E-Z body to build a head profile. The method works really well, stays sparse and shows colors very nice. This one is a Sea Fibre wing & body with light brite for a lateral flash line and topping. The scanner flattened out the body and made it look a little 'squared off' in the back but it still tapers well.

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