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RE:Pollock Patterns

Ok gang, here are two versions of a pollack pattern I've been playing with. Both are built on the similar formula.

The smaller version uses a short-shank hook, this was tied on a 2/0.
Small pinch of white bucktail just above the hook point.
Yellow bucktail tied in above the hook point and rolled around the shank.
Olive bucktail tied in front of the yellow.
Add one or two olive hackles to the top of the shank using the bucktail as a base.
Pinch of yellow bucktail tied in front of the hackle.
Olive krystal flash (I'll use 4 strands)
Olive Yack hair as long as the hackle (taper the ends)
5-6 peacock herls
Taper, whip finsh and glue
This should leave you a good 3/8 - 1/2 of exposed shank behind the eye.

Take a pencil thick bucch of deer body hair, tips pointed towards the back, lay it on top of the tied off head of the body, make two loose wraps with most of the hair pointing towards the rear (don't tie in the center of the bunch) and pull tight flaring the hair out. Make two more wraps weaving the thread along the original centerline. Then keep adding bunches to the sides using the same method (might take 4) until you have the hair neatly flared back along the body.
Next add bunches of hair the the exposed shank up to the eye. You may need to alternate between spinning hair on the shank and then 'stacking' hair in the thin spots.

A neat trick for tying off the thread is to make a few wraps while pulling the hair backwards towards the body, take a good drop of zap-a-gap and wet the threads, then qickly make another 6 wraps. The glue locks the threads up nicely. (I't tough whip-finishing a head with all that hair flaring frontwards.

Trim the head to a neat taper, leaving those tips that you nicely arranged around the body. Add eyes with 'Goop' and you are done.

The larger version I put on a long shank hook
I used three hackles stacked, a long dark yellow, a grizzley, and an olive.
I kept the top wing (yak hair) very sparse, maybe too sparse on this example.
Then added two olive marabou plumes tied in praying hands style before building the head.
(Now that I look at it some peacock herls would have been nice too!)

The large one comes out to over 7" long but most of the weight is in the head. I think it will cast OK as long as I slow down and don't try to force it out there....

Suggestions from the group?
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