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"Speydicator" fishing

Brought the big stick (14 footer) out today and fished one of the "larger" rivers. 6 for 6 in a whopping two hours time. Must have been at the right place at the right time today. First three fish came in the first 10 casts. Best day yet this fall/winter. Fish were a mix of fresh to dark and all in the 6lb-9lb range and they all were caught on the same fly (which doesn't look so nice anymore). The big spey sure makes it easy to fish a lot of water on a big river. Also, the guides don't freeze up as much when you are doing the good old double spey because you don't have to strip line in all the time. For the most part, fishing seems to be real hit or miss, fished all day yesterday with only a lake run brown and a brief steelhead battle to show for it. Tight Lines!
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